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About Grundy Worldwide

Why insure your Antique or Collector Car vehicle with Grundy Worldwide? MORE

Philadelphia Insurance Companies acquired Grundy Worldwide in 2005. All vehicle owners, policy holders and insurance agents will now receive expanded customer service by working directly with PHLY. Our customers now have the ability to receive quotes and pay for policies online, as well as other service options available.

We offer specialized Automobile Liability and Physical Damage insurance for the Antique and Collector Car industry. We understand that these vehicles are for genuine car enthusiasts and with that comes a need for reliable car insurance coverage.

Why Insure Your Antique or Collector Car with Grundy Worldwide?

Grundy Worldwide is committed to helping you insure your Antique or Collector Car to best meet your specific needs. Whether your collection consists of one car or 25, Grundy Worldwide knows how important your cars are to you.

Antique Auto or Collector Car Coverage

Our coverage will include enhancements to the standard auto policy such as Agreed Value, Inflation Guard and Auto Show Medical Reimbursement to meet the unique exposures associated with the Antique and Collector Car industry.


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